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Technology has now reached great heights, we specify, install and monitor closed circuit tv (CCTV) devices to suit your premises and deter crime. Employing camera systems on your premises is beneficial for the following reasons:   CCTV cameras detect, prevent and deter crime and disorder such as anti-social behaviour, vandalism, harassment, fly-tipping, burglary and robbery. They assist in the identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders. CCTV is proven to reduce fear of crime and offer reassurance to the public and businesses alike, making the area safer for those who live, work, visit and trade in it.

Response Officers

Ad-hoc visits by highly trained security officers means criminals never know when to target your property. Often used as a replacement for security officers, Response Officers provide an ad-hoc security presence on a customer's property. By visiting the premises on a number of occasions each night/day, this option ensures that criminals know you’re secure.

Alarm Response

Tucked up in bed or out of town, alarms can be frustrating for business or home owners. Let us respond so you can relax. Alarms often activate for inexplicable reasons and when you have to respond in the early hours of the morning, it’s not fun. If the alarm activates for a genuine reason such as theft, you’re putting yourself at risk by responding alone.

Because of this it’s a wise decision to employ another company to respond for you. A professional response removes the danger, hassle and we always inform you of about what happened the following day.

If you combine your Key Holding, Alarm Response and Alarm Monitoring services it will also reduce cost, response times and any on-site confusion as our response officers will not be dealing with a third party when attempting to resolve the issue.

Manned Guards

Employed to protect, observe and report, our officers provide British Standard security at all times. We provide various types of security personnel for sectors including:
- Construction
- Retail
- Gatehouse
- Reception
-Commercial Premises
As an Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved contractor for security guarding, we operate to the highest standards at all times.

24hr Monitoring

Our NSI Gold approved alarm receiving centre can withstand a nuclear attack, proving our dedication to keeping your lines securely monitored at all times. Monitored alarms currently provide a secure infrastructure for thousands of properties throughout the UK and can be one of the most important tools to use when attempting to reduce the risk of crime. A monitored alarm means that you will always have a security presence in place and we have invested heavily in this area to be able to offer it to you on a 24/7, 365 basis. We have the ability to transfer existing alarms as well as manage new installs. We also work closely with alarm installers nationwide to ensure a ‘full service’ package can be delivered if required. If you combine your Key Holding, Alarm Response and Alarm Monitoring services it will also reduce cost, response times and any on-site confusion as our response officers will not be dealing with a third party when attempting to resolve the issue.

Key Holding

With our key holding service you’ll be in safe hands at all times. Let us hold your keys in-case of an emergency.
We carry out regular audits on all of our customers keys and house them in a secure environment at all times. By operating to British Standards to ensure your peace of mind, we also have separate insurance in place to cover you should any keys be lost in transit.
If you combine your Key Holding, Alarm Response and Alarm Monitoring services it will also reduce cost, response times and any on-site confusion as our response officers will not be dealing with a third party when attempting to resolve the issue.

Wireless Security

Wires are quickly becoming a thing of the past; use Cerberus as your security provider so that you don’t get left behind. Wires can be cut, damaged or interfered with and unless the line is monitored (e.g. BT Redcare), there will be no way of knowing when any of the aforementioned has occurred. If your building is then targeted as a result, criminals will be able to access site without alarms sounding. By using wireless solutions such as Cerberus Tag, which doesn’t require a hard lined power source, this cannot happen. You’ll therefore be secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Wireless technology also reduces installation costs as cables don’t have to be laid, maintained or altered especially to accommodate a security service such as an intruder alarm.

Cerberus Tag

A monitored, wireless security system which does not require a hard line power source to operate. Ideal for construction, temporary sites and remote locations. Proven to be a reliable deterrent, the flexibility of this system together with 24-hour remote monitoring will deliver a high level of security quickly and cost effectively.  

Cerberus Tag offers:  

- Health & Safety benefit, as there are no trailing cables required for operation
- Security protection for scaffolding, cranes, plant and machinery
- Detectors that operate on heat, smoke and/or motion.
- Protection for site compounds, buildings and outlying areas
- Coverage of areas up to 1km apart
- Wireless security installed and easily re-positioned whenever necessary
- The option of camera integration
- Monitored 24/7, 365 days a year and linked to a dedicated security response, if requested

3g Solutions

The days of analogue lines are numbered, mobile technology is accessible to all today, so why not consider going in the same direction for your alarm.By thinking outside the box, we can provide a monitored service that doesn’t need an analogue telephone line to operate. Instead we will install a 3G sim card in your alarm that can be programmed to contact either us or you when it sounds via satellite.

This reduces the chance of criminal tamper as the line can’t be cut. It can also be used in line with analogue if you’d prefer for the ultimate in line protection, ensuring a connection at all times regardless of tamper activity on site.

CRB Checking

Safeguard your organisation’s reputation by using our CRB checking service to screen out unsuitable candidates. Cerberus is an independent Umbrella Body registered with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). This means we act as an intermediary between your organisation and the CRB.

We will visit your office and go through the application form with each individual applicant. We have the authority to countersign the applications before sending them to the CRB for processing. Should there be any queries, we will also liaise directly with the CRB on your behalf.

The Disclosure reports provided through the CRB allow you to make safer recruitment decisions. Whether you directly employ people who would come into contact with children or other vulnerable people, or you sub contract companies whose employees will, safeguard your reputation by screening out unsuitable candidates.

Payment Plans

If you are worried about paying for a service in full then don’t be! Payment options are available for most services that Cerberus provides.Cerberus offers payment plans on a wide variety of services such as CCTV and alarm monitoring. When considering a service, there are three options available:

  1. Lease Hire – Dependent on the length of contract, you can arrange to pay weekly or monthly for whichever service you decide upon, in the case of CCTV this option means that you will pay a flat rate for the service but will never own the cameras or equipment.

2. Lease Purchase – For those wishing to purchase the equipment supplied by Cerberus, you can opt to lease it over a set period, it will then be owned by you once the contract expires. This option allows you to own items without having to pay for them in one lump sum.

3. Outright Purchase – If your budget will allow, you can opt to buy the items outright which is always advisable if you can afford it.

  All of the above options can also be paired with maintenance plans to ensure that the equipment is always kept up-to-date and operational.

Alarm Installation

If your premises aren’t alarmed, you’re automatically a target. Don’t leave it too late, act now to protect your company/home. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to install a secure system and when your possessions, commercial, personal or otherwise, are at stake, the loss that could be incurred as a result of theft, doesn’t even bear thinking about.

Panic systems

Protect yourself and your possessions by using one of our panic systems at your house, business or on your person. Cerberus can supply, install and monitor a wide variety of panic systems from personal devices to fixed alarms inside a property. When the alarm is activated it will either contact a pre-specified individual or contact our monitoring centre (ARC) where it will then be escalated in accordance with your instructions.


Intercoms, mag–locks, turnstiles and / or CCTV can all be used to help you decide who comes in and out of your premises. Access control is vital if you want power over who enters your premises but it can also be utilised as a management tool for monitoring traffic to and from a location. We currently provide, monitor and manage remote access systems for customers all over the UK and can offer a wide array of solutions to suite your individual requirement.

Data Protection

Cerberus takes your data very seriously and as such we are registered with the Data Commissioner. Our reference number is Z8373870.As Cerberus operates within and around personal space, there will always be those who are concerned about the information that the company has access to.
To ensure that this is maintained professionally, Cerberus is regularly subject to audits via British Standard bodies such as NSI, SIA, CHAS and Safe Contractor so that we meet and surpass the requirements set out by our sector.
To ensure that your data is managed effectively, we operate an internal tier system so that only those who have authorisation to do so can view your information. All Cerberus employees are also accredited to British Standards and subject to a CRB check to help cement your peace of mind.
Cerberus has company policies and procedures solely for the purpose of data protection, data viewing and data management all of which can be viewed by our customers on request.

On-Site Security Cabin

After years of design, planning and implementation we are happy to announce the arrival of our On-Site Security Cabin. This is a turn-key solution for all site related access / security issues and allows you to manage various elements of your operation. We will deliver, power and install the cabin on site. Induct a site representative and then you are good to go - it’s as simple as that!
Key Features
- Palm / finger print recognition and software - to monitor all activity to and from the site
- Reception area – set up for practical use by the customer
- Attachments – Designed to link directly to CCTV, perimeter fencing and other units such as toilet facilities.
- Security Cabin during out of hours – Provides housing for security during out of hours.
- Discrete Implication – Boarding can be placed over the front of the unit to ensure brands / site guidelines are adhered to.

Rapid Deployment Tower

The next generation of rapid deployment CCTV Tower has arrived. The new Cerberus Interceptor is a strikingly visible highly capable deterrent that is armed with the latest cameras and detection. It’s a big ruggedised unit for quick deployment in all terrains. We are in difficult economic times. As construction site theft is at an all time high, there has never been such a demand put on getting your security right as there is now. The days of a high cost guarding solution are numbered. There is also a diminishing appetite for cheap, domestic grade fixed CCTV solutions that are quickly found out when put to the test.

When comparing the Cerberus Interceptor against the cost of a security guard the savings are substantial. Alongside these savings you can rest assured that the Cerberus Interceptor will not fall asleep, will patrol constantly rather than once an hour, cannot be bribed, does not require sick leave, will perform constantly and effectively, complies with Health and Safety legislation and will save on Lone Worker, welfare and cabin costs.

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Watch Lock

WatchLock is your assigned security guard that reports every lock and unlock. Consisting of a High Security padlock and an on-line web application that enables real-time monitoring, the system provides complete peace of mind from knowing that your valuables are closely supervised – anytime, anywhere.

Additional benefits include:

- Advanced key duplication control.
- Real-time alerts if the lock is opened at an unusual time.
- Consistent reports that provide you with information about opening and closing hours.
- Helps prevent theft by both staff and intruders and, if necessary, assists in locating the lock itself – if it has been stolen or misplaced.
- Operates without the need of an infrastructure or wiring, and is effective even in remote and hard-to-reach areas.
- After a simple installation, like that of a cell phone, the lock is operational.

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Our partnership with Russell Richardsons allows us to offer all customers a brand new secure disposal service.

By providing flexible, convenient and bespoke solutions Russell Richardsons can guarantee the secure disposal of your confidential documents and as a founding member of the BSIA, they adhere to the standards set in the EN15713 Code of Practice for the secure destruction of confidential materials.

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